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Traumatic Stress Care

Is about recognizing the presence of trauma and the role that it plays in the lives of people.

Why choose J.E.W. & Associates

J.E.W. & Associates specializes in working and healing people with traumatic stress issuses and teaching others how to provide trauma informed practice. As a state and nationally certified behaviorial health service provided with over 25 years of experience, we are culturally sensitive in providing treatments that are empowering and healing our clients with care. 
  • Served more that 1300 families in reducing high risk behaviors.
  • We developed corporate drug and alcholic awareness training for 8000 + employees from Fortune 500 companies.
  • As Executive director at University Hosital, saw 18% reduction in gunshot wounds treated.
  • Conduct 3day workshops for 600+ women on corporate and interpersonal effectiveness.

Mary Clare Hill

Dr. Jennifer Williams is an invaluable community resource as an expert in Trauma-Informed Behavioral Health. She could be utilized as an expert witness, speaker, consultant, workshop facilitator, and project manager, among other things. Dr. Williams' work with families, victims, and perpetrators of gun violence has left a constructive and lasting impact on the city of Cincinnati. She is a skilled communicator and creative financial manager. Her experience and talents would benefit any organization which is striving to create or improve on a just, ethical and honorable business plan, whether for-profit or non-profit.

Janie Allen-Blue

Dr. Williams is an effective clinician who provides services that are age, gender and culture specific in an effort to get the best possible results. She is passionate about her work and is truly an advocate for troubled clients or for those in need of counseling for issues that prevent good mental health.

Terry Grundy

Dr. Williams cares deeply about young people and their safety and is a fierce advocate for them. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for several years because of her generous volunteering on United Way's Research Council, where she's given valuable advice. I know many of her professional colleagues and they speak highly of her as a professional, as a clinician, and as a trainer.

Sheila Crossty

Dr.Williams is passionately involved in changing the lives of our youth and their families. All over the city of Cincinnnati she has worked diligently and professionally to render help and hope to families that otherwise would have niether. I highly recommend Dr. Williams for such a time as this for she has graciously risen to the occasion.

Fannie Anderson

Dr. Jennifer Williams is a very intelligent, compassionate, deeply involved individual who is driven to generate improvements and changes in the lives of others. She is extremely effective at what she does!

Lee Ann Liska

Jennifer is a consummate professional, dedicated to the education and transformation of Cincinnati's youth through the reduction of violence and re-entry.

Selena Burks-Rentschler

Dr. Jennifer E. Williams is a professional and compassionate leader who takes the extra step to ensure her clients will receive the help they need. Dedicated to providing knowledge and support to those recovering from trauma of many kinds, Dr. Williams is a caring and competent clinician.

Selena Burks-RentschlerProducer at S.A. Burks Productions
Jehu Chong

Dr. Williams has a deeply rooted heritage in realm of Higher Education, Training & Development. Her embedded passion for building organizations, increasing economic equity, and being an advocate for social justice in the community is vividly expressed, not only in her educational & work experience endeavors, but something that is not tangible; It is her "will", desire & drive to succeed that compels her to collectively represent the best interest of all she works with... that makes her the unique & talented professional she is. Her vast knowledge & experience is only outmatched by her kind, caring & compassionate disposition.

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